Optimization solutions for the economical operation of flexible energy assets

InnoCharge GmbH in Karlsruhe (Germany) offers software solutions for the 360° cost-optimized operation of flexible energy assets, with a focus on the optimized charging of electric vehicles. InnoCharge® seamlessly integrates electric vehicles into electricity markets and grid operations, thus enabling low-cost and green charging. As a spin-off of the FZI at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the InnoCharge charging optimization is based on ten years of pioneering research and development on intelligent energy and charging management.

Our vision

Low-cost and emission-free operation of flexibly controllable small energy devices – such as wallboxes and heat pumps – in businesses and households.

Our mission

The provision and integration of cloud-based software solutions for the economic operation of flexibly controllable small energy devices for electricity suppliers, system and device operators.

A motivated team around experienced pioneers in energy informatics

Intelligent energy and charging management is our profession – and has been for more than a decade! We know the energy industry and technical interfaces just as well as the actual situation in properties, customer needs, and current market developments.

Dr. Manuel Lösch
Dr. Manuel Lösch
Chief Executive Officer
  • Enthusiastic advocate for an intelligent digitalization that enables an economic energy transition with in-depth knowledge at the interface between IT, electricity markets, and energy system operation, and with a realistic view on the big picture
  • PhD with highest honor (KIT) at the interface of computer science and energy economics on the cost-reducing and grid-stabilizing use of flexibility in electricity consumption
  • Before founding InnoCharge, head of the energy informatics research department at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology with a focus on the development of intelligent energy management systems for buildings, districts, and electromobility
  • Previously also head of the FZI Living Lab smartEnergy, a platform for the practical implementation of the latest technologies and digital business models for the energy transition, together with partners from industry and science
Dr. Christoph Schlenzig
Dr. Christoph Schlenzig
Advisory Board & Business Angel
  • Energy economist and ambassador for the energy transition as well as experienced entrepreneur with a great passion for new digital business models that advance the energy transition
  • Founding of Seven2one Informationssysteme GmbH (2001) and development into an established software company for energy industry players involved in the generation, consumption and commercialization of energy – until 2021 as owner and CEO, and since then as Chairman of the company advisory board
  • Physicist with a PhD in energy economics and a knack for bringing the right people together to implement value-adding innovations
  • Committed as a founding member and board member of the Smart Grids Platform Baden-Württemberg e.V. and as a board member of the energy network fokus.energie e.V.
Dr. Andreas Fischer
Dr. Andreas Fischer
Chief Technology Officer
  • Passionate about the implementation and reliable operation of elegant and highly scalable software solutions and architectures that also bring real added value
  • PhD in computer science on secure cloud architectures with application in e-mobility for charging vehicle fleets in company parking lots
  • Before founding InnoCharge, external and internal representation of the focus area Smart Charging as Senior Expert at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology
  • Previously several years of experience in the development of scalable software solutions at SAP in the context of IT security and fleet charging, and as an experienced architect and developer active contributor to the open source community
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schmeck
Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schmeck
Advisory Board
  • Experienced energy informatics specialist from the very beginning with an eye for the really relevant challenges in the digitalization of the energy transition
  • Key contributor to energy informatics as a new discipline with a focus on intelligent energy management systems and efficient optimization algorithms
  • As Director at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and KIT Distinguished Senior Fellow, he is a key driver in various collaborative and real-world laboratory projects focusing on the implementation of intelligent systems for smart energy grids and electromobility
  • Awarded the prestigious Heinrich Hertz Prize by the EnBW Foundation for outstanding scientific and technical achievements in the development and use of IT-based energy management systems