Smart 360° charging optimization for attractive charging tariffs

At home and in company parking lots, electric vehicles regularly spend considerably longer at the charging station than they actually need to charge. This forms the basis for our market- and grid-oriented charging optimization “2.0”, because the electricity price and the congestion situation in the electricity grid fluctuate considerably during the parking time.

InnoCharge continuously optimizes charging schedules for electric vehicles

Our predictive 360° charging optimization simultaneously takes into account multiple options that enable our customers to offer attractive low-cost charging tariffs:

Use dynamic electricity prices on the spot market to reduce costs

Electricity trading on spot markets is becoming more short-term and small-scale due to weather-dependent electricity generation. Intraday price fluctuations are increasing: electricity from photovoltaics and wind power is cheap, electricity from coal and gas is expensive. Depending on the actual electricity mix, the electricity price changes from quarter of an hour to quarter of an hour. The InnoCharge charging optimization uses differences in intraday electricity price fluctuations and realizes cost-optimized charging plans.

Dynamic electricity tariffs are more and more offered also to end customers. Electricity suppliers may even be legally obliged to do so, for example in Germany starting in 2025. With InnoCharge, both sides benefit, and for electricity suppliers we offer solutions for all levels of integration: Dynamic electricity tariffs can be a purely sales-based billing product or closely linked to the actual balancing group management and spot market procurement, which is optimized by our intelligent algorithms (day-ahead auction, intraday auction, continuous intraday trading).

Consume cheap on-site photovoltaic power

Cheap electricity is increasingly generated decentrally on roofs where it can be consumed locally but is not always available. The InnoCharge charging optimization shifts the charging in such a way that the consumption from the public grid is minimized and the consumption of locally generated PV power is increased. This is worthwhile because electricity from the public grid is, after grid charges and other levies, up to several times more expensive than local PV electricity.

Avoid expensive power peaks and bottlenecks in the public distribution grid

Electricity grids are reaching their limits due to the enormous market ramp-up of electromobility and the parallel expansion with heat pumps. Grid operators must increasingly counteract the high simultaneity of electricity consumption. Therefore, distribution grid operators are more and more allowed to dynamically throttle charging points on demand.  In the commercial sector, peak-load-dependent grid charges are already common, providing an additional incentive for consistent power consumption. The InnoCharge charging optimization reacts to the dynamic throttle signals of the distribution grid operator and intelligently distributes the remaining power to several charging points if necessary. In the commercial sector, the InnoCharge charging optimization reduces the maximum power consumption vendor-independently in such a way that expensive peak-load-dependent grid fees are saved.

Avoid expensive on-site grid expansion

In addition to power bottlenecks in the public power grid, bottlenecks can also occur within the property, especially when retrofitting charging infrastructure in existing company parking lots. The InnoCharge charging optimization monitors bottlenecks in the property and coordinates the charging so that charging always takes place at the maximum possible speed, even without additional grid expansion. This allows to efficiently use existing grids and mobile storages, and to avoid expensive grid expansion with construction measures and new distribution cabinets for the charging point operator.

Provide remunerated energy system services and generate additional income

Conventional power plants will be gradually shut down and renewable energy sources will be further expanded. To stabilize our electricity grids, we therefore need alternative providers of remunerated energy system services, which are made possible by the InnoCharge charging optimization. In recent years, in particular the conditions on the balancing power and balancing energy market have changed significantly in favor of small-scale charging flexibility. In the case of the provision of balancing power, the cost savings result from additional income: Depending on the type of balancing power, the additional income consists of a general remuneration for the readiness to adjust the charging power when required, and an additional remuneration for the balancing energy actually supplied when activated by the transmission system operator.


With our interactive “Smart Charging Game” you can optimize charging schedules yourself and see what our software solution does around the clock in an inexhaustible and reliable way!