Industry-leading “smart charging” as a booster for your charging offer

We offer our future-proof 360° charging optimization as Software as a Service. In addition to the optimization, our software also takes care of everything around: starting with the processing of the required time series, the recording of meter values, the necessary forecasts through to the realization of the optimized charging plans in reliable 24/7 operation. For you, the intelligent charging optimization remains easy and straightforward: our software takes care of it!

Tailored software solution for three customer segments

Our charging optimization delivers major cost benefits, particularly in those charging scenarios in which electric vehicles are parked for longer than they actually need to charge. Our future-proof B2B software offering is tailored precisely to the requirements of three customer segments:

InnoCharge for electricity suppliers and public utilities

As an electricity supplier or public utility company, you sell electricity. The higher the difference between your purchase on futures and spot markets on the one hand and the selling to your customers on the other, the higher your profit. With us, you can offer minimally invasive dynamic electricity tariffs with real added value: Our charging optimization uses (day-ahead and intraday) price fluctuations to your advantage and at the same time to the tangible benefit of your electricity customers. In the background, we enable you a spot market procurement tailored to your specific needs and we significantly reduce your imbalance energy costs through short-term power adjustments. This will make you a beneficiary of the smart meter rollout and the increasing demand for dynamic electricity tariffs. And with us, you also benefit from the new control requirements by distribution grid operators. 

InnoCharge for operators of charging points and vehicle fleets

As a “Charge Point Operator”, you operate charging points and offer your customers energy for charging. With your charging points, you perhaps supply your own vehicle fleet, external tenants, or public roaming customers. One thing is certain: the cheaper you procure electricity, the higher your profit margin. With the InnoCharge 360° charging optimization, we help you to significantly reduce costs on your purchasing side and sustainably increase your profits. In doing so, we integrate seamlessly into any existing systems you may have. If you have already established backend systems for the management, billing and maintenance of your charging stations or your fleet, we connect our vendor-independent charging optimization “2.0” to them via standardized interfaces.

InnoCharge for operators of backend systems

As the operator of a “Charging Station Management System”, your software enables the efficient handling of charging processes: From the management of charging cards to the monitoring of charging points through the billing of completed charging processes – your software takes care of it! Nowadays, you generally rely on the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and offer your software to charge point operators as Software as a Service. The InnoCharge 360° charging optimization lifts your offering into the smart grid era: With our market- and grid-oriented charging optimization “2.0”, you can achieve considerable cost benefits and make your customers the happy winners of the energy transition.

We look forward to getting to know your individual challenges and wishes. Contact us for a first exchange! We would be happy to show you how the InnoCharge charging optimization brings competitive advantages to you.

Reference: High-tech center

Innovation Center

22 charging points, 119 kWp photovoltaics, local grid bottlenecks, dynamic electricity tariff, operation and billing via electricity supplier

Reference: Business park

Business park

1,500 parking spaces, 70+ charging points, heterogeneous site with multi-layered grid bottlenecks, operation and billing via real estate operator

Reference: Multi-generational house

Multi-generational house

24 charging points, 99 kWp photovoltaics (landlord-to-tenant supply), dynamic electricity tariff, use in the car-sharing model