Your software partner for smart charging in the new digitalized energy world

We enable low-cost and green charging by seamlessly integrating electric vehicles into electricity markets and power grid operations. Our B2B software solution turns charge point operators in the residential and commercial sector as well as their electricity suppliers into winners of the energy transition.

360° charging optimization

Software for 360° cost-optimized charging, market- and grid-oriented

Value stacking of charging flexibility

Benefit from dynamic electricity prices and new regulations

Easy integration into existing systems

Minimally invasive integration into existing system landscape

Vendor-independent smart charging solution

Vendor-independent with regard to vehicles, charging stations & backends

Low-cost and green e-mobility through the optimized use of flexibility in electricity consumption

Flexibility in electricity consumption is the central element for linking two megatrends in a synergetic way: the energy transition and e-mobility. The dynamic adjustment of the electricity consumption when charging electric vehicles makes it possible to respond to the increasingly fluctuating electricity generation from sun and wind, and forms the basis for the economical operation of millions of electric vehicles. Our pioneering software provides the necessary intelligence.