Your software partner for optimized charging of electric vehicles

We turn charge point operators and their electricity suppliers into winners of the energy transition: Electric vehicles at home and in company parking lots are parked at charging stations much longer than they actually need to charge – while the price of electricity, local photovoltaic generation, and the congestion situation in the power grid fluctuate wildly!

The smart InnoCharge B2B software solution runs in the background and intelligently coordinates charging processes to reduce charging costs and avoid expensive grid expansion.

Software for 360° cost-optimized charging, market- and grid-oriented

Benefit from dynamic electricity prices and new regulations

Minimally invasive integration into existing system landscape

Vendor-independent with regard to vehicles, charging stations & backends


In the next few years, countries worldwide will reach an enormous share of renewable, fluctuating electricity generation from solar and wind power, as well as several million charging points and even more electric vehicles. Flexibility in electricity consumption is a valuable key element for the success of the energy and mobility transition – it is already highly valuable today and will become even more so in the coming years!